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The idea of your children having a fever is one that scares parents because it’s so often an indication of a serious health problem. To ensure you make the right decisions and provide the most appropriate care for your children when they have a fever, it’s important to be able to contact a pediatrician you can trust, like Jose Fragoso, MD, at Union City Pediatrics in Union City, New Jersey. To find out more about caring for a child with a fever, or to make an appointment to see Dr. Fragoso, call the clinic today, or book an appointment online.


What is a fever?

The human body has a normal temperature that remains constant when you’re healthy. When you’re sick, the temperature of your body rises, and above a certain point, it becomes a fever. Children, in particular, are also vulnerable to getting overheated from being in a hot environment like a car for too long.

Normal body temperature is between 97.6ºF and 99.6ºF, and it’s a good idea to know what your child’s normal temperature is so you can accurately assess the degree of fever they’re experiencing. If the temperature reading rises above 100.4ºF, it’s then considered to be a fever, but not all fevers are a cause for major concern.

How should you care for a child when they have a fever?

Don’t rely on feeling a child’s forehead to assess how hot they are, as the heat you feel may not be a true indication of their internal temperature, and you need a precise measurement to be able to act in the child’s best interests.

If the thermometer indicates a fever, the best course of action is to keep them comfortable and make sure they drink plenty of fluids, as dehydration can cause more problems. Try to keep them cool but not too chilled rather than bundling them in blankets, which only makes the fever worse.

Pain medications for children such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen help reduce fevers, but always use medicine formulated for children and follow the instructions carefully. If your child is two years old or younger, contact Dr. Fragoso for advice on the correct dose.

When should I call a pediatrician about my child’s fever?

Many common childhood illnesses cause fevers, and there’s no need to call the doctor if your child seems otherwise normal and improves with treatment. If your child is under three months old and has a temperature of 100.4ºF or higher, or if any child’s temperature exceeds 104ºF, it’s best to get them checked.

Call Dr. Fragoso if your feverish child has any of these additional symptoms:

  • Severe drowsiness
  • Elevated fussiness
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Seizures
  • Stiff neck
  • Severe headache
  • Very sore throat
  • Bad earache
  • Rash
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea

You should also call Dr. Fragoso for advice if your child has an immune system disorder or is on steroids.

If your child is sick and feverish, put your mind at rest and ensure they’re getting the care they need by calling Union City Pediatrics today, or booking an appointment online.