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The majority of babies and toddlers follow a schedule of routine health visits from birth to age three, after which the frequency with which you take your child to see their pediatrician drops to once a year. If your child is due for a physical exam or they haven’t been for one for a while, schedule an appointment with Jose Fragoso, MD, at Union City Pediatrics in Union City, New Jersey. Dr. Fragoso is a highly experienced and accomplished pediatrician who carries out physical exams and health checks for children of all ages. Call the clinic today to arrange an appointment or book online.

Physical Exam

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is an integral part of caring for your child’s well-being as they develop. When babies are born, they follow a program of routine examinations that chart their physical growth, size and length, cognitive development, and general well-being at regular intervals.

As your baby gets older the exams are less frequent, so in the first year your baby would have at least six exams, and in the second year half as many. After the age of three, healthy children only need a physical exam once a year.

These checkups are also an opportunity for your doctor to vaccinate your child against diseases such as measles and mumps that used to be common among children, but now are rarer, thanks to vaccination programs.

What happens during a physical exam?

Dr. Fragoso carries out a thorough physical examination of your child to check that everything is functioning as it should be and that their development is within the expected range for their age.

Your child needn’t be fearful of having the exam, as Dr. Fragoso has considerable experience carrying out such exams and knows how to put your child at ease and make sure they’re comfortable.

Dr. Fragoso reviews your child’s immunization history and gives them any boosters or new shots they need. Your child also has their sight and hearing tested from the age of three as a routine part of the exam.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s health, this is the ideal opportunity to discuss them with Dr. Fragoso, and your child is encouraged to talk about any worries or problems that are on their mind, too.

Dr. Fragoso may order routine tests such as blood work or a urine test, discussing the reasons with you at the exam and going through the results at a follow-up appointment.

Can I get an official health certificate for my child after their exam?

Children often need health forms for school activities and trips that give the organizers who have charge of your child the information they need concerning vaccinations, allergies, and any health-related problems they may have.

Dr. Fragoso is happy to complete health forms for any child who has had an exam within the previous 12 months, and you can also request a copy of the findings from your child’s routine physical exam.

To schedule a physical exam for your child, call Union City Pediatrics today or book an appointment online.